The Best First-Party PS5 Controllers To Buy in 2023

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May 11, 2023


  • When looking at first-party ps5 controllers, you can choose only two different models: the premium DualSense Edge or the original DualSense Wireless Edge.
  • If you choose to get the DualSense Wireless Edge, there are 7 you can buy now. The seven are Starlight Blue, Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Midnight Black, Nova Pink, Gray Camouflage, and White.

Looking to buy a fancy new controller for your PlayStation 5 but need help deciding which one to choose? Look no further than our list of the best first-party options of 2023. Find the perfect fit for your gaming needs, from adaptive triggers to haptic feedback.

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What First-Party Options Are There?

For first-party ps5 controller options, you can choose only two models: the premium DualSense Edge or the original DualSense Wireless Edge.

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller product picture

The DualSense Edge wireless controller is Sony’s first attempt at a premium controller, and boy, does it look nice. First, you can swap out the stick modules to avoid any stick drift if it ever develops. Second, you can choose between three types of stick caps to keep you comfortable while playing.

The controller also has back buttons that can be programmed to do whatever you want. Meaning you can hit any buttons without taking your thumbs off the sticks. This is a huge advantage in competitive games like Call of Duty or Rocket League.

Suppose you want even more control over your gameplay experience. The DualSense Edge lets you adjust the trigger lengths, stick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and vibration intensity. This means you can customize your controller to work perfectly for the games you like to play.

DualSense Wireless Controllers

The PS5 controller is packed with excellent features to improve your gaming experience. First, it has haptic feedback, which means you’ll be able to feel your actions and environment in the game on your hands. 

The controller also has adaptive triggers that allow you to experience different levels of force and tension depending on what you’re doing in the game. You can feel it when playing shooters and pulling the triggers.

You can also use the built-in microphone to chat with your friends online, but the controller speaker is pretty quiet when using party chat. You should connect a headset directly to the controller or wirelessly. Plus, a create button lets you record and share your epic gaming moments with others.

The only downside to the DualSense is that it’s common to experience stick drift after 1-2 years of play which can be frustrating in fast-paced competitive games. But Overall, the PS5 controller is a great controller for most gamers who plan on playing, and it’s got the following lineup of colours.

What Colours Do the DualSense Wireless Controllers Come In?

The DualSense Wireless Edge comes in 7 colours: Starlight Blue, Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Midnight Black, Nova Pink, Gray Camouflage, and White.

Starlight Blue

DualSense Wireless Controller - Starlight Blue product photo
Starlight blue is part of the galaxy-themed product lineup, with a crisp aqua blue paired with the black triggers and control sticks. If you’re a fan of light blue, this is the controller for you.

Cosmic Red

DualSense Wireless Controller - Cosmic Red product photo
Next up in the galaxy-themed product lineup comes Cosmic Red, where they’ve paired a deep red with the black triggers and control sticks. If you’re a fan of dark red, this controller might grab your attention.

Galactic Purple

DualSense Wireless Controller - Galactic Purple product photo
In my opinion, the galactic purple is the coolest of the galaxy-themed lineup. The deep violet colour combined with the black sticks and triggers is sharp. If you like the combination of dark purple and black, then I’d highly recommend this controller.

Midnight Black

DualSense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black product photo
Midnight black is the only single-colour Dualsense Controler offered by Sony, and it looks slick. The controller has two different tones of black, but it’s a nice pairing. If you want a slick one-colour controller, then I recommend you choose this variation.

Nova Pink

DualSense Wireless Controller - Nova Pink product photo
The last of the Galaxy controllers is Nova pink; it combines a bright, almost hot pick with the classic black segments like the other controllers. It’s the brightest of the entire lineup, making it stand out the most. If you are a fan of pink and black, then this is the perfect controller for you.

Gray Camouflage

DualSense Wireless Controller - Gray Camouflage product photo
This one is the outlier of all the models; it has a camouflage pattern instead of a flat colour. The darker camo blends nicely with the black triggers and sticks for an excellent tactical package.


DualSense Wireless Controller - White product photo
This is the classic white and black design that shipped with the launch console, it’s not as flashy as the other colours, but it’s still a good-looking unit. Suppose you’re looking to get a new controller. In that case, I’d recommend against this one, as you probably already got one when you bought your console.
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