The Best Custom PS5 Controller Face Plates You Can Buy in 2023

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May 16, 2023


  • A PS5 controller faceplate is an insert spanning from the thumbsticks to the controller’s base that is easy to remove without damaging your controller.
  • Changing your controller’s faceplate is an easy way to change up and add more color to the controllers you already own.
  • Third-party sellers offer a wide variety of different colors and options that you can install yourself. Amazon offers more than 60 options.

Looking to spice up your old PS5 controller without buying a new one? Look no further than our list of the best face plates you can buy in 2023. Find the perfect eye-popping fit that will excite you when you look down at your controller when gaming.

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How Do I Change the PS5 Controller’s Faceplate?

Removing the face plate is easy. All you have to do is get a pry tool, which usually comes with a new face plate, and go to the bottom of the handles on your PS5 controller. From the base, start prying and work your way up the controller to the joysticks until it comes loose. Then grab your new faceplate and pop it in. If you want a visual tutorial, Lvl One Gamer has a good video tutorial below.

What PS5 Controller Face Plate Options Are There?

In North America, there are a couple of options to get controller faceplates, but the easy and accessible ones are on Amazon. They’re sold by two stores specializing in gaming accessories: eXtremeRate and Heatfun. If you’re looking to pick up one of these awesome faceplates, you’re looking at a cost between $13.60-$33.00 as a base price.


eXtremeRate has the widest variety of faceplates on Amazon, with over 50 colors and designs to choose from at the time I’m writing this article. From clear to chrome, they have a finish for you, but here’s my favorite of each type of faceplate they offer.

Chameleon Series

My Pick: Chameleon Purple Blue
Chameleon Purple face plate

The Chameleon series has a nice pearlescent finish that gives you a different color based on the angle you look at it. The purple-blue combo looks slick on this face plate, but there are also options for green-purple and gold-red if this one doesn’t do it for you.

Chrome Series

My Pick: Chrome Silver
Chrome Silver face plate

The chrome series is sharp, shiny, and reflective, my favorite is the chrome silver, but I was going back and forth on multiple other colors. If you don’t like chrome silver, there are 6 others, including gold, pink, blue, red, purple, and green, so they should have an option for you.

Patterned Series

My Pick: Brushed Silver
Brushed Silver face plate

Brushed silver is part of the patterned series that has 8 different options, from wacky to subtle. If you want your controller to have a hint of money, blood patterns, or even a wood finish, this will be the series for you.

Transparent Series

My Pick: Clear Black
Clear Black face plate

Clear black is part of the transparent series of faceplates that eXtremeRate offers, and they bring you back to the PS1 era with how they look on your controller. They offer 5 colors: Clear, Red, Green, Blue, and Atomic Purple.

Metallic Series

My Pick: Metallic Regal Blue
Metallic Regal Blue face plate

The metallic series comes with a clean solid finish that shines in the light that makes your controller look like it has a metal base. The series offers 7 total colors, including Titanium Blue, Steel Gray, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Snowstorm Mauve, and Vista Green.

Color Series

My Pick: Purple
Purple face plate

eXtremeRate also offers standard flat colors, and my favorite is the purple one, but they don’t disappoint with options. They boast over 20 options on their Amazon store right now and should have an option for anyone.


Heatfun has a little less variety in their options, but they still have some solid faceplates to offer. They offer flat colors and clear options, but some plates will cost up to $33 to buy right now. Here are my favorite clear and solid color ones they offer, but if you’re in Canada, you’ll most likely have to pay import fees on your purchase.

Clear Blue

Clear Blue heatfun faceplate

The Clear Blue looks excellent for all the same reasons as the eXtremeRate clear series, but Heatfun has different and lighter colors in their lineup. You can choose between blue, green and purple.

Blue – Comes With Blue & Yellow Pack

blue heatfun faceplate

Heatfun also offers flat colors, but they don’t have an extensive lineup. There are more than 5 colors they offer. My favorite is the solid blue, but you can only get it if you get the yellow-blue pack for under $27; they also sell black, purple, and light green faceplates.

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